Every session begins with 5 minutes of journaling/free-writing stream of consciousness to help release the “monkey mind”. I encourage you to start with that and then listen to the recordings. Here are the recordings from our most recent meditation sessions:

March 3, 2021:

“Love is a many splendid thing…Love lifts us up where we belong…all you need is love…”

Many poets, writers, lovers, and philosophers have tried to describe and define love. Masaru Emoto demonstrated how loving-kindness transforms water molecules. The HeartMath Institute demonstrated the harmonious and healing frequencies the physical heart emits when we are feeling, sending, and receiving love.  How do you define love? There is no wrong answer.  The truth is within the emotion – energy in motion. When we tune into love, it immediately begins to expand and warm everything within and around the heart space – like the light that shines out in all directions during the full moon. Can you imagine your heart shining out in all directions like the image above? Notice what it feels like when you take a moment to imagine that now. Here is a 15-min meditation that gently guides you into allowing yourself to give and receive love easily, effortlessly, and fluidly. The background music lasts for 30 minutes, which can help guide you into a deep, peaceful sleep. Don’t delay – enjoy it today!


September 29, 2020:

This week’s meditation focused on creating an aura of love around our cells and our world. There chaos all around us – certainly the universal spark of creativity and revolution and evolution! It is essential to stay in a frequency of love and light in order to rise up from this time. Please share with many!


September 2, 2020:

This week I recorded a “detox” meditation, utilizing a visualization around chakras and tree roots. I included an “anchoring” method utilized in NeuroLinguistic Programming to help you access the results of this meditation in one, quick, action. The background music is specifically chosen to mirror the frequencies of the chakras. Enjoy!


August 11, 2020:

For today’s meditation I take you on a nature walk. Take a walk with me as you listen to this outside in nature, or feel free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the visualization. Remember, mindful meditation can be done “actively” and “meditatively”. Explore all options and learn how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. Enjoy!


July 21, 2020:

Today’s meditation starts with a breath work and leads into a conversational-style meditation utilizing what we call language patterns in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. This is a great way to start exploring a meditation practice without feeling the common performance anxiety of needing to relax. Enjoy!


July 7, 2020:

Today’s meditation starts with 10 minutes of meridian tapping on anticipatory anxiety followed by a 15-minute guided visualization. I utilize a “blackboard” exercise to occupy the left brain, which allows the right brain guide the body into a deeper state of relaxation. Enjoy!


June 30, 2020:

Today we followed a meditation by Brandon Bays from her book “The Journey”. This is a long, interactive visualization that is effective at healing old memories and wounds and connecting with unconditional love and peace.


June 16, 2020:

Here is a tapping sequence to help you “Tap Into Success”. This script is from Margaret Lynch’s book “Tapping Into Wealth”.


This 10-minute interactive meditation is useful for permeating areas of stuck emotion or physical discomfort. Enjoy!


June 9, 2020:

This meditation helps you remember that “the musical creator of your life”.


June 2, 2020:

This week we focused on nurturing and healing feelings of grief and loss. We hope you can join us next week!


May 26, 2020:

This week we recorded the 10-min. tapping sequence and 20-minute meditation focused on pivoting away from pain and discovering all the space you need to play and remember joy.  🙂 Enjoy!


May 19, 2020:

I was having technical difficulties this week, so we missed having a group. Here is a meditation I hope you enjoy! See you next week!


April 28, 2020: Today we started with an NLP exercise on “transforming stuck energy”, followed by a meditation focused on “discovering and nourishing our seed of intention”.

April 21, 2020: Today’s meditation focused on opening the front of the spine and aligning our chakras. Enjoy!

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