Correcting Polarity

2:37 Minutes

This video demonstrates an easy posture and breathing technique that balances the energy and circulation in the spine and brain. This exercise is helpful to do before a tapping (EFT) sequence.

Qi Gong Exercise

3:38 Minutes

This video demonstrates a gentle movement exercise utilizing mindful awareness, visualization, and breath work.

Wiggles to Relaxation

6:10 Minutes

This video demonstrates a fun exercise to help release tension, energize the body, and shake off negative energy.

Standing Meditation

4:07 Minutes

This video demonstrates a mindful exercise using body awareness, breath work, and visualization to calm the nervous system and relax the pelvic floor muscles.


Bumblebee Breath

3:13 Minutes

This breathing exercise focuses on long exhalations, while creating sounds using mmm, ah, eh, ee, oh, oo. Lengthening the exhalation calms the vagus nerve. Five minutes of deep breathing creates a significant shift in the autonomic nervous system.


2:58 Minutes

This exercise, created by Scott Musgrave (, guides you to hold a specific posture while breathing. The posture is formulated to calm the vagus nerve and autonomic nervous system quickly and effectively.

Energetic Shower

3:30 Minutes

This is a short, guided exercise designed to help cleanse negative energy and stress from the body using the imagination and the breath.


5:48 Minutes

This video demonstrates a mindful exercise using body awareness, breath work, and visualization to calm the nervous system and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

Mindful Journaling

6:08 Minutes

This 5-minute exercise utilizes bilateral stimulation with the practices of mindful awareness and journaling. It’s a short and sweet way of calming the mind and body when you only have a few minutes.

3-Part Inhale and Exhale

2:45 Minutes

This exercise guides you through a breathing exercise that slows down the inhalation and the exhalation, which helps calm down the vagus nerve.

Tapping to Shift Perspective on Diagnosis

7:18 Minutes

This guides you through the tapping sequence you can utilize after creating your 4-D timeline, brain maps and pain maps.

NLP Transforming Energy

8:02 Minutes

This NLP exercise guides you through transforming the image that comes to mind when focusing on an uncomfortable physical sensation. Metaphors are a “back door” to the subconscious mind and can help change your physical experience by changing the mental image of the sensation.


2:03 Minutes

This exercise guides you through an energy psychology technique from Donna Eden that helps create an energetic shield as well as an uplifting sensation. This is helpful when you’re wanting to uplift the spirit and when you’re going to be around a lot of people and wish to help create a protective energy around you.

Relax & Enjoy the Unfolding

20:05 Minutes

This meditation guides you through a visualization to help you let go of stress and pressure we put on ourselves, encouraging trust of the process and going with the flow of life.

Dwell on Whatever Pleases You

4:58 Minutes

This meditation is a 13-minute process that utilizes a progressive pause technique to encourage the subconscious mind to restfully bask in whatever pleases you. I say the same thing 12 times with a longer and longer pause in-between. This approach has been demonstrated to be effective at relaxation, healing anxiety and depression, and physical healing by Duke University since the 1970s.

Tapping Out Dangers in the Mind

6:33 Minutes

This tapping sequence guides you through releasing any thought, person, place, or thing that creates a sense of danger in your mind.

Quick I Spy

6:12 Minutes

This exercise utilizes your five senses to practice mindfully tuning into your environment and establishing safety in your nervous system.

Quick I Spy & Visualizing Healing

9:39 Minutes

This exercise utilizes your five senses to practice mindfully tuning into your environment and establishing safety in your nervous system. I then move into guiding you through visualizing your life after healing has taken place, which is one of the most important visualizations you can do for healing. Think of your mind as the architect and your body as the builder! You need to give your body the blueprint you want it to create.

Tapping After Visualizing Healing

6:06 Minutes

This tapping sequence helps shift any remaining residue of resistant and fear related to visualizing healing in your life.

Heart-Centered Meditation

12:50 Minutes

Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology demonstrates that “heart coherence” creates physiological homeostasis. The HeartMath Institute, Tania Singer, and other scientists across the globe demonstrate the power of tuning into loving-kindness and compassion as a way of calming the nervous system and initiating physical healing.

Visualization to Peaceful Place with Magic Mirror

13:03 Minutes

This meditation guides you to visit a peaceful place you enjoy, and imagine looking through a magic mirror – practice visualizing your greatest self and greatest life now!

Tapping to Set Healthy Boundaries

7:34 Minutes

This tapping sequence helps you release resistance to setting healthy boundaries in our relationships that can create stress in the mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Tapping to Release Fear of Inability to Change

13:07 Minutes

This tapping sequence helps you release any fears related to the belief: “I can’t change”.

NLP Movie Theatre Technique

9:30 Minutes

This NLP exercise guides you through a “movie theater” visualization technique to help soothe the nervous system’s reaction to past relationships and experiences.

NLP Chords of Connection

12:24 Minutes

This is a guided visualization to release and create new responses to people in our lives.

Inserting Resources

9:02 Minutes

This NLP exercise utilizes an interactive approach to increase access to the feelings, beliefs, thoughts and sensations we want to have in certain situations.

Chakra Balancing with the Breath

23:27 Minutes

This guided visualization guides you through opening the energy centers of the biofield, also known as chakras, through utilizing the movement of the breath and imagining the colorful light of each chakra.

Allowing the Body to Shed Shat it no Longer Needs

16:43  Minutes

This guided visualization invites you to remember the body knows how to shed what it no longer needs, including excess inflammation and scar tissue. Enjoy this relaxing meditation as you visualize the body dissolving and evaporating all it no longer needs.

Visualization for Light Therapy

– Minutes

This guided visualization is best to utilize when enjoying the benefits of light therapy.

Physical Well-Being Meditation

15:59  Minutes

This guided meditation utilizes breath-work and conversational hypnosis to remind you of the body’s amazing ability to heal when you relax the nervous system and trust the process.

Mindful Living


2:00 Minutes

3 Minute Breathing Space

4:06 Minutes

Relax the Body

13:20 Minutes

Introduction to Mindful Body Scan

2:33 Minutes

Mindful Body Scan

14:26 Minutes

Introduction to Visualization

2:08 Minutes

Guided Visualization to Your Perfect Place

17:38 Minutes

Earth's Healing Meditation

19:24 Minutes

4-D Healing

Welcome to the 4-D Wheel

1:50 Minutes

Stepping into the 4-D Wheel

5:37 Minutes

Healing the Mind

9:55 Minutes

Healing the Body

10:45 Minutes

Healing the Heart

10:03 Minutes

Healing the Spirit

10:11 Minutes

Healing the Whole Self

14:30 Minutes